My synth as of 05/2020
My version of a Tweed Deluxe. Mojotone box with a 12″ Celestion Neo Creamback speaker.
Rear view showing the C channel aluminum chassis. Built to withstand a direct nuclear bomb attack!
Recent build of a 2204 Marshall except it’s a 2 watt amp!
Same 1/4″ thick C channel aluminum chassis. Huge sound with only 2 watts. Has Volume, Master Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass and Presence knobs.
The baby of the family. My version of a Tweed Princeton. Mojotone cabinet and 8″ Jensen Alnico speaker.
Same Bullet proof construction. Features Volume and Tone controls. Also a negative feedback switch. 5 watts, all tube design.
AC15 style amp with Normal and Brilliant channels, Mojotone cabinet and 12″ Celestion Neo Creamback speaker.
Same C channel chassis, and Hammond transformers. Features Volume for Normal channel, Volume for Brilliant channel and Cut controls. 15 watts. British tone machine!
Dumbell Overdrive Special Preamp. Two channels with foot-switching and a bypass switch too.
Features Volume, Master Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Overdrive Volume and Overdrive Master Volume controls.
This is a Champ style amp chassis, but with a twist. It is using an EL84 power tube and a 6CA4 rectifier tube. Nice and bright sounding!
Internal view showing the custom eyelet board.
Another mashup amp chassis. This one has an AC30 preamp and an AC4 power section!
Same overkill chassis design. Features Normal channel Volume, Brilliant channel Volume, Treble and Bass controls.
Copy of a Showman preamp, but with a total bypass switch.
Features Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass and Master Volume controls. This chassis has bronze end pieces.
My version of a Champion amp. (The very first Champ). The red tube is 5693 (6SJ7), and was designed for use in missiles.
Only a Volume control. That’s all you need sometimes!